Kotkan Klubi ry

Cherishing Finnish cultural heritage

Kotkan Klubi ry, established in 1875, is one of the oldest clubs in our country. It is a politically unaffiliated association that cherishes the Finnish cultural heritage and club tradition. The association owns and maintains the valuable club property, completed in 1927, where the restaurant Kotkan Klubi also operates. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and provides meeting and event premises for all. The restaurant entrepreneur and the association work in close cooperation, developing both the restaurant as well as the association functions, with respect to their long traditions.

Are you interested in becoming a member?

The association provides their members the possibility to participate in discussion regarding social affairs and factors affecting the affairs of the city. It also organizes interesting excursions and looks after its traditional club property. There are altogether approximately 150 members, consisting of private persons, companies and communities. Restaurant Kotkan Klubi offers changing membership benefits to its members.

We are actively looking for new members. If you are interested in a membership, you can get further information from the board members, e.g. chairperson Ari-Pekka Saari  +358 44 232 3203 or vice chairperson Anja Salonsaari  +358 400 783 218. Contact us!